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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Volkswagen unveiled a concept electric E-Bugster.

LF-LC attractive and ultra-efficient Prius C is not the only new hybrids that Toyota showed the car fair in Detroit. The Japanese company's U.S. audience has introduced a new plug-in hybrid concept NS4 - a model that shows Toyota's vision for the future of transport and the interaction between vehicle and driver
Volkswagen in the automotive trade fair in Detroit introduced the concept E-Bugster. His name is a combination of "E" designation for the electric motor, "Bug" nickname because of the "Beetle" and "ster" for the speedster.
The concept is based on the latest version of the Beetle, and because of the low roof, black A-pillars and large 19-inch wheels look really impressive. But that is expected from concept ready for promotion of car show.
What is truly interesting in E-Bugster lies behind his attractive exterior. The concept never produced as serial car, but the engine is planned to be developed further.
Plant equipped with 114 horsepower that delivers an electric motor powered by lithium-ion battery located behind the rear bench to evoke the original design of the "Beetle".
Except that it has zero emissions, the concept has autonomy of 160 km. The battery is charged via plug located under the VW logo and has the ability to fast charge, which for half an hour rechargeable battery 80 percent.
Volkswagen electronic propulsion system called "Blue-e-motion" and has already announced it will be used in future for electric models and Golf Blue-e-Motion.


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