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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finally the diesel BMW M arrived!!

With diesel models M550d xDrive Sedan and Touring, X5 M50d and X6 M50d, M performance division at BMW stepped into a new era ...

Although several years ago, hard to think that was a diesel version of BMW could get the package M, even today there are more choices.
But that is "ordinary" diesel models the fact that they fitted the strongest diesel engine BMW has ever produced, and whose specific power is 127,3 KS. But to pocheneme order.
In addition to bringing you photos and video material, and those little closer you will notice changes as new exterior mirrors, tuned front and rear spoiler, trapezoidal exhaust pipe ends, the standard 19, ie 20 inch wheels, etc..
Similarly, where the interior sportiness receives emphasis. Here we think of various improvements in comfort, Head-Up display, adjustable lights, Night Vision system to detect pedestrians, cruise control, rear camera, etc.
The new M diesel stable will move the old, but a good 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine with three turbochargers. This engine develops 381 hp at peak torque of 740 Nm. Namely, for the first time a diesel engine BMW with three turbochargers. Specifically, are two smaller and a larger turbocharger. Smaller provide quick response at low number of carve, while most is responsible for the highest possible pressure.
Of all this will help Stop & Start and other solutions, such as EfficientDynamics and enhanced Common Rail sustav system with direct injection.
Thanks to all this, the diesel engine will contribute to a innocent performance. Namely, M550d xDrive limuzinskata in performance to the 100-Ka will accelerate by 4.7 seconds, and the estate of 4.9. The model X5 M50d the same speed would take 5.4, and X6 5,3 seconds.
On the other hand, factory data speak for as low consumption of 6,3 l/100 km M550d and 7,7 l/100 km for the X6 M50d.
By 8-speed automatic transmission (with steering handle) and the xDrive system, currently being transferred to all four wheels, and BMW says that for any particular model will have a special adjustment of the clutch.
Security worry excellent braking system and a whole alphabet of security systems come in basic equipment.
Although somewhat weaker in strength than their gasoline "brothers", though these M diesel variants will not be of much lower cost. Thus, in Germany (with calculated tamoshen tax) for M550d xDrive will need to allocate 80,800 euros, ie 83,750 for the Touring. Models X5 M50d, ie X6 M50d will cost 82,300, ie 85,800 euros.
The official premiere of M Performance Automobiles to take place in Geneva fairs and sales will begin in May (M550d), or June (X5/X6 M50d).

Friday, February 10, 2012

The new 3rd generation of Audi TT...

These days, summarized the first photos of the new, third, generation of sports model Audi TT, which should be easier, more efficient and more mobile ...

The further that the Audi TT model plans to move closer to corporate "relative" model Porsche Boxster, with this latest generation will probably sail in those waters. Of course, the distinctive style and elegance of the Audi will continue to be the main cause.

Founding inspiration for the design of the new Audi TT comes from the concept e-tron whose sharp lines are presented before three years. Also, some elements certainly resemble A5, but the first prototype, let alone the final product may still be many changes.

The new Audi TT with its  "signature" of the LED lights front and aggressive air vents will be introduced only in 2014, while the first detailed information about the car is expected next year.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible was performed!!

The Fair in Chicago, Ford introduced the convertible performance Mustang Shelby GT500. The attractive model, Ford celebrates 20th anniversary of its Special Vehicle Team (SVT).
Inside the new Convertible GT500 is 5.8-liter V8 engine superpolnach that delivers 650 horsepower.
The new model is 3.5 seconds faster compared to the previous one according to the time achieved on the track Sebring International Raceway. Unfortunately, the maximum speed of this "otrovnica" is limited to 250 kilometers per hour.

The transfer of power is through six-speed manual changes and convertible will be offered in several different versions.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Volkswagen will introduce the new convertible Golf GTI...

Volkswagen currently on the market offers convertible version of its most popular model Golf, but will soon appear powerful GTI version of the attractive model. According to information, the German giant is poised to introduce new models on display in Geneva.

British magazine AutoExpress informed that the model will be presented in Geneva will be the standard version of the Golf GTI Cabriolet concept, which was launched last summer.

Log say convertible will be the last update of this generation of Golf before launch of the seventh generation is expected at the end of the year. This will be only the second GTI convertible performance after the one of the first generation Golf.
You can expect that convertible will have a 200 horsepower from the standard GTI with a displacement of 2.0 liters and 6-speed gearbox. Also, the model will come with 19-inch alloy wheels, suspension and rigid.
More information will be known in March, after the opening of the fair in Geneva.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Check the new magnificent Mercedes M Class^^^

In the words refinement and performance, Mercedes introduced the new M Class and our market ...
The third generation of the most popular SUV in the range of manufacturer from Stuttgart, sets new standards in the class when it comes to efficiency of plants, achieving outstanding results for low consumption and emissions, and moreover offers a level of comfort and luxury for a class higher.
Data on low consumption and emissions are extremely impressive. The whole range vehicles have lower average fuel consumption as much as 25%, compared to the previous model. Especially worth mentioning is the model ML 250 BlueTEC 4MATIC, whose consumption is only 6.0 l / 100 km (158 g CO2/km) and can go 1,500 km with one tank of fuel! Excellent fuel economy is underpinned by the overall package of BlueEFFICIENCY measures as well as this very modern engineering. In addition to ESO start / stop function, which now comes as standard, these measures include new sedumbrzinski 7G/TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission with an economical converter, special bearings for optimum friction and specially developed (heat) system to transfer fuel. The resistance coefficient of friction of 00:32, the new M-Class (ML 250 BlueTEC) also sets a new standard for this class of vehicles.
Even the standard version of the new M-Class offers a high level of comfort, dynamic management of road and outstanding off-road capabilities. For the first time, the chassis of the M-Class with steel suspension is characterized by selective damping. The driver is supported by electrically management that enables optimum level of steering assistance for the given driving situation. The surcharge may be obtained Airmatic air suspension, which in turn further contributes to the high comfort and high dynamic characteristics.

For off-road driving models ML 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC and ML 350 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY is equipped with additional equipment as standard off-road driving, including 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive, 4ETS electronic traction control and key terrain ride that activates the special model off-road driving. Furthermore, start-off assistant system allows for easy movement when climbing uphill Mon, while the regulator for speed hill [Downhill Speed ​​Regulation (DSR)] automatically maintains the M-class speed you have set the handle to control the ride.
Despite improvements in the plants and chassis, Mercedes promises and much lower noise levels, greater comfort inside, and a much higher level of quality. In this and we could see - the whole interior is lined and bordered in fine leather, as if it is a car of the highest class ...

Of course, like every Mercedes, the owner will not have to worry about security, thanks to the entire set of active safety systems, including: Intelligent Light System, ILS, with specific lighting functions, Night View Assist Plus, Speed ​​Limit Assist, Lane Keeping Assist - active / passive, Blind Spot Assist - active / passive, DISTRONIC PLUS, BAS PLUS, PRE-SAFE ® brake with automatic brake and Active Park Assist.

With all these improvements, M Class again emerged as one of the best models in the premium SUV class. Available with three engines, the basic four-cylinder diesel and petrol and diesel shestcilindarski, the new M is already on display in the showroom of Mercedes, as well as an invitation for interested buyers to check and ensure the improvements and the qualities it offers.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ferrari Superamerica 45 the new masterpiece from the Italian giant..

One of the stars of this year's event Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este is the Ferrari Superamerica 45 prototype in brilliant blue - Blu Antille ....

The car is mounted on the base of the compartment 599, and is commissioned by kolencionerot Petera Kalikow and represents a unique sample.
The final look of the car created the collector, who will celebrate with him exactly 45 years from when it first became owner of a Ferrari.

Ferrari Superamerica 45 is different of 599 over the roof opening, specially dizajnireni wheels, aluminum finish pillars, front grille and okvirite mirror. Are made from carbon rear diffuser, rocker panels and roof and interior.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The amazing Japan sports coupe is called Subaru BRZ !!

Subaru in cooperation with Toyota developed a new sports model will appear in two performances - these are twins and Toyota GT86 Subaru BRZ ...

Subaru BRZ (Boxer engine - Rear wheel drive - Zenith) market will be launched as a true sports vtomobil which also satisfies those everyday needs for comfort and easy transport. Its main features eniskoto village center of gravity, low weight, rear-wheel drive and top driving performance. In other words this is a car for all "enthusiasts eager sportko driving."

When it comes to design, it is clear that the primary goal was to devise and construct a car with dynamic lines and low sporty silhouette.

Like any true coupe, Subaru BRZ has a compact size. That is, he is long 4234, 1775 wide and high 1285 mm. He drives the new 2.0-liter boxer engine from atmospheric series FA strength of 200 hp and most torque of 204 Nm.

Buyers can choose between a standard 6-speed manual and optional 6-speed automatic transmission lever for the gear-wheel. And there are three modes, default D, M manual and sport Sport.

BRZ will be manufactured at plants in the Subaru Gunm, Japan.