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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bugatti presents three special versions of the Veyron Grand Sports!!!

Production of the original Bugatti Veyron may be low, but that does not mean entirely at the Veyron ...

From 150 examples of the model Grand Sport for sale, only 45 of them commissioned. That leaves another 105 are still available for purchase. But the company promises that no car is like no other.

This is because Bugatti offers many customization options, both internally and externally - a combination that can easily change his seven-digit price. And to prove his uniqueness, Bugatti showed three models with different design.

The first example is najnakiten, combining the colors of your favorite founder Ettore Bugatti - black and yellow, where yellow armor opposes carbon fiber and black wheels. The second model is characterized by a blue carbon fiber material, and anodized aluminum, while the third model includes a newly developed fabric of green carbon fiber and polished aluminum. Each model has a corresponding color wheels and specially-tailored interior.

The basic model costs "only" 1.58 million, while its specially designed model is somewhat expensive, costing 1.74 million.


  1. Crazily expensive car... but do want!

  2. Ah Bugatti's special editions always amaze me. After the Sang Noir and Sang Blau this fits right in.