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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Audi introduced the Urban Concept.

Audi Urban Concept, in a radical new concept combines elements of racing, entertainment and urban car. It is made based on any previous model - its development is exclusively oriented towards the rigors of technologies that reduce the weight of cars. The result is a concept car without unnecessary weight, and the emphasis on sporty driving, with a very low seating.

Urban Concept is part of Audi's new program for urban mobility. The car has two electric motors range of lithium ion batteries, and it can accommodate two drivers in Schedule 1 +1, which means that the passenger is a little behind in terms of the driver.

Large wheels and noticed the pictures, so interesting, though it is a small city car, their dimension is no less than, but 21 inch! Although Urban Concept is logged as a concept with an elegant body. wheel separated from the body, and their protectors are fitted flashing tapes made of LED lights. Additional lines and highly concentrated look of this study provide a dynamic and emotional view - that the design of the Audi gets a whole new swing.

The control board and other materials are subject to an ultra - light technology to ensure complete uniqueness and charm, and the roof is designed for easy maneuvering. Vo nabinata entering similar to fighter aircraft, with sliding side door and the interior, although the initial sketches seem a little Spartan, according to Audi promises supposed to decorate the top quality materials like aluminum and carbon fiber.

The car will be based on the model of the VW L1. Interestingly, the Audi plans to launch a series of concepts with much more conventional design that will be tasked to ispitaat pulse of the public, to make it easier and safer to make a decision on how this concept will appear in its series production. Mozhno a whole series of concepts to be thus called by the common name NSU, which is an unofficial announcement of introducing the sub brand Audi.

If these concepts of small cars ever you look weird, just imagine what it would be crowded around Skopje to drive such a small sports car!


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