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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mercedes SLS AMG by "Brabus" treatment...

German tuner house Bottrop already gained the status of a company that has no exceptions finishing car and any car that bears the logo of the mercedes's star. ...

Next on the list is mercedes's supercar - SLS AMG. Barbus's equipment for SLS AMG aerodynamic enhancements include a set made ​​of carbon fiber, special 20-inch aluminum wheels front and 22-inch back, and electronically controlled suspension system which, depending on the needs, reduces the amount of the car by 40 mm or do they increases by 50 mm. Here is a new exhaust system for which Brabus say that the weight of 12 kg is 40 percent lighter than the serial onbaa.

Surprisingly, the Bottrop genijalcite Sun touched anything in the engine and 6.3-liter V8 engine that is still in development, has "only" 563 hp.


  1. wow that's a monster :D looks like a batman lol :P nice post