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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Toyota showed NS4 Plug-In Hybrid concept..

Toyota announces that a new model for 2015 paniran will not be part of the family although there Prius hybrid plant. However they did not disclose details of the plant, but explained that the new hybrid engine will be composed of fewer components means reduced weight and size. They also announced the economy and improve fuel consumption, better acceleration and lower radius of the driving electric only propulsion.
NS4 shows the concept and new design direction for Toyota, but judging from the front cover, it is not the best solution. However, according to designers, the new layout improves aerodynamics.
In terms of connectivity - NS4 has a new multi-Touch screen designed to look like a smart phone screen. Through it can be controlled from the audio system and climate functions for charging batteries and navigation. The system can also teach specific preferences and habits of the driver to anticipate his reactions in certain situations.
Part of modern technologies and system for preventing collisions that works analyzing the data from radar and integrated camera, headlights that adapt to the situation, cameras that replace rear-view mirrors and special glass windows that block harmful UV rays.


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