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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New and strong american muscle car - Ford Shelby GT500!!

Cult car Ford Shelby GT500 (Eleanor) of the film "Escape for 60 seconds" gets a new name, and it is the "power" ...

I really do not know how else to interpret the fact that the new Ford Shelby GT500 packs without any additional equipment or raziva whopping 605 hp and 812 Nm torque.

5.8-liter, V8 engine serial strongest in the world is completely changed, from blocks to a new radilica, head, compressor pistons and what not, and for all that aggression can be transmitted to the rear wheels and ensures the new base six -speed manual transmission with a long and robust coupling and Torsenov limited slip differential.

650 hp is enough for maximum speeds of 320 km / h directly from the factory. Who needs an electronic blockade, when that care Cumbersome Bremb drives all four wheels? Thanks to electronic controlled suspension and Bilstajn total mass of 1.750 kg, Sun would not surprise if the car is found in European roads.

Who knows, maybe the new Ford Shelby GT500 will make directors in Hollywood and soon to announce the second sequel to the famous movie.


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