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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nissan Pathfinder will debut at the fair in Detroit??

Enclosure 25 years experience in the U.S. market, Nissan in Detroit at the fair will present the fourth generation of the famous SUV Pathfinder.
The new Pathfinder comes with a completely new design. Although initially similar to Infiniti JX35 platform, at least in size, however the new version of the car, unlike his "kockest" off-road predecessor, is aimed at modern SUV segment.
The new generation of Pathfinder will not stand the old frame structure, as is the case with the previous model, but gets new samonosechka body. Due to the significant reduction in weight of the car, we can expect better driveability on the road.
Haubgata Under the concept of "breathing" 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine combined with a new shestepen transmission (CVT - Continuously Variable Transmission). Although no further information on engine, Nissan said the new engine will be less than 4.0 liter in his prethnodnik but would keep the same power when it comes to horsepower and the new engine will consume a quarter less fuel than its predecessor, which is not exactly little.
In addition, Nissan announced that the new Pathfinder has entierier for seven passengers, plenty of space and drive all four wheels.


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