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Friday, February 10, 2012

The new 3rd generation of Audi TT...

These days, summarized the first photos of the new, third, generation of sports model Audi TT, which should be easier, more efficient and more mobile ...

The further that the Audi TT model plans to move closer to corporate "relative" model Porsche Boxster, with this latest generation will probably sail in those waters. Of course, the distinctive style and elegance of the Audi will continue to be the main cause.

Founding inspiration for the design of the new Audi TT comes from the concept e-tron whose sharp lines are presented before three years. Also, some elements certainly resemble A5, but the first prototype, let alone the final product may still be many changes.

The new Audi TT with its  "signature" of the LED lights front and aggressive air vents will be introduced only in 2014, while the first detailed information about the car is expected next year.


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