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Friday, February 3, 2012

The amazing Japan sports coupe is called Subaru BRZ !!

Subaru in cooperation with Toyota developed a new sports model will appear in two performances - these are twins and Toyota GT86 Subaru BRZ ...

Subaru BRZ (Boxer engine - Rear wheel drive - Zenith) market will be launched as a true sports vtomobil which also satisfies those everyday needs for comfort and easy transport. Its main features eniskoto village center of gravity, low weight, rear-wheel drive and top driving performance. In other words this is a car for all "enthusiasts eager sportko driving."

When it comes to design, it is clear that the primary goal was to devise and construct a car with dynamic lines and low sporty silhouette.

Like any true coupe, Subaru BRZ has a compact size. That is, he is long 4234, 1775 wide and high 1285 mm. He drives the new 2.0-liter boxer engine from atmospheric series FA strength of 200 hp and most torque of 204 Nm.

Buyers can choose between a standard 6-speed manual and optional 6-speed automatic transmission lever for the gear-wheel. And there are three modes, default D, M manual and sport Sport.

BRZ will be manufactured at plants in the Subaru Gunm, Japan.

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